2024 HKPEC 1st Seminar

Hong Kong Packing have been held our 1 st Seminar on 13 March 2024.

We have exhibited and demonstrated the followings.

Please contact us for details.

1. MARUTO Functional Packaging Series
2. RHEON KN500 for “Mochi Cookies”
3. RHEON KN500 + SK400 Ultrasonic Slicer for “Peanuts Slicer Cookies”          
4. RHEON KN500 + EU010 Smart Dorp Solid Feeder for “Meat Floss Biscuit”
5. RHEON KN500 + Pump Feeder for “Liquid custard mooncake”
6. ITOKEI – Silicone coating aluminum tray & triangular silicone mold
7. VINITA FRT-5 High-frequency Defroster / defrosting butter in a short time
8. HKPEC Eco bagasse tableware series
董事總經理 ~ 下村 圭

HKPEC Managing Director ~ Kei Shimomura

HKPEC staff and Japan supplier representatives

Rheon production line

Yamamoto Vinita FRT-5 high frequency Defroter

Products display

MARUTO Microwaveable Pouch & other film bag

RHEON production food Samples

ITOKEI easy take off Silicone Coat AL Tray

ITOKEI Wazara Series bagasse Eco tableware

HKPEC Bagasse Eco tableware

KURAFLEX Counter Cloth

MARUTO Functional film proposal

ITOKEI Bakery Tray presentation

Japan supplier guest assist in seminar

Seminar visitors

Mini liquid custard mooncake demostration

Visitors saw a meat floss cake demonstration

Meat Floss cake demostration VIDEO

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