2021 HKPEC 2nd Seminar

Hong Kong Packing have been held our 2nd Seminar on Sept 08, 2021.

We have exhibited and demonstrated the followings.

Please contact us for details.

  1. Maruto Functional Packaging
  2. Rheon – AN551 Encrusting Machine & accessories Product (Demonstrated: Hamburger with cheese)
  3. Yamamoto Vinita – FRT-5 (High frequency thawing machine)
  4. Watanabe – WMB331 & WFC-V360 (Meat Slicer)
  5. Proton – PF-15A (Freezer)
  6. SKIN PACK – FG-40
  7. TOSEI – HVP-382N (Hot Liquid Vacuum Machine)

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