Hong Kong Packing Equipment Centre Limited


Hong Kong Packing Equipment Centre Limited(HKPEC) was founded in 1977 in Hong Kong. We are a MARUTO SANGYO groups company. For Hong Kong and Mainland China market, We provide professional equipments, food containers for takeaway, packing material and after-sales support for long time use.


Business Domain

Packaging Material

We provide functional packaging materials, oxygen scavengers, desiccants from  MARUTO SANGYO. 


Packaging & Inspection

We have equipment such as packaging machines for horizontal pillows and vertical pillows, and metal detectors that protect food safety.

Food Processing Machine

We provide food processing machines such as sushi robots, bean paste machines, and meat slicers.


Japan made Food Tray & Container

We have a wide range of products, mainly made in Japan, such as take-away lunch boxes, sushi containers, and fresh trays, which are in high demand now. 

Hygienic Equipment & Product

We handle non-woven cloth, gloves, boots that protect the hygiene of food factories.


Kitchen & Store Tools

We handle kitchen equipment such as kitchen knives and cutting boards, and display supplies for supermarket retail stores. 



Corporate Topic

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