Japan PROTON’s latest freezing technology to maintain high freshness

Hong Kong Packaging Co., Ltd. was awarded the (Aquaculture Workshop –
Aquatic Products Processing) seminar organized by IVE Hong Kong Institute of
Vocational Education ~ Chai Wan branch on 30 May 2024.

Our company collaborates with the Hong Kong Government’s “Agriculture,
Fisheries and Conservation Department” to introduce the latest aquatic
product processing technology to the fishery members of the “Hong Kong
Federation of Fishermen’s Groups”.

Together with the General Manager of Japan PROTON Tokyo Branch, Mr. “Kousei Yuge” will come Hong Kong to introduce in detail the Japan PROTON high-freshness maintenance freezer and related freezing technology.

Let’s work together to find the latest solutions for all the problems faced
by local fishermen on how to maintain the high freshness of fresh fish
immediately after the harvesting process!

The seminar will provide a full set of cutting-edge products, technologies
and services required, and will also provide suggestions for more advanced
preservation and thawing of fish catches through advanced machines.

Our HKPEC Sales teams colleagues can provide good idea about “machine
inquiry and guidance” help to find your favorite machine model and improve
the quality of your fish to the highest degree of freshness.

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